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Current Packages to Expire Saturday 11/27

All current packages will be removed on Saturday 11/27. If you have a pack in your cart, complete it befoe then, otherwise it will automatically be removed.

**Special Deal On 10,000 Scenes**

I have a special deal available on 10,000 scenes. Delivered via FTP download or free hard drive and shipment.

This is a custom package, so you will need to contact me before ordering on the site so I can setup to match your specifications.

The 10,000 scenes can be ANY combination of SD, HD and 4K. All with matching photosets, 2257, FTP download for 1 year and lifetime web and standard tube rights.
So you can opt for a package of 5,000 HD and 5,000 4K, or 10,000 HDS, or 2500 SD, 2500 HD and 5000 4K. Its all up to you.

PRICE: $4000

Bigger packages available at same pricing rate. Smaller packs too, with a slightly higher pricing rate.

Contact me by email or on Skype for this package.... tell me how you would like it configured and whether you want a drive shipped or FTP download, and then you can add it to your cart and build your package.

Packages Set to Expire

All current packages will expire by end of week. If you have one in your cart, it will be deleted. Finsih your package before they expire and are removed.

Packages To Expire

Our current special packages will be expiring shortly. We have sold several of each and therefore will be removing them. Once removed, they will disappear from your cart. If you want one of these packages, complete the pack and checkout - before they get deleted

NEW Packages Added

All new packages added today, packs will be available for a week. All packages include lifetime rights.


Package 1 - 50 4K Scenes w/ Standard Web & Tube Rights - $150

Package 2 - 250 HD Scenes w/ Premium Web & Tube Rights - $250

Package 3 - 250 4K Scenes w/ Premium Web & Tube Rights - $350

Package 4 - 5000 720p HD Scenes w/ Premium Web & Tube Rights - $1500

Package 5 - 5000 1080p HD Scenes w/ Premium Web & Tube Rights - $3500

Current Packages Set to Expire

All current packages will be expiring Monday August 23rd. If you have a package in your cart, you must checkout now... otherwise when the packages expire they will be removed from your cart permanently. 

Big Update 08-12-2021

We added 50 new 4K scenes today, plus 50 hardcore photosets and 50 new glamour photosets.

We will be adding 200 new HD scenes from Lethal Hardcore soon, they are encoding now.

NEW Packages Added Today

Check out the PACKAGES page and see all our new low priced packages.

Package Removal

Today we will start removing packages, we have sold 10 of some packs and we will be removing them first. Others are getting close to 10 sales, and once we reach that number we will delete them as well. So if you want one of these packs with 4K as low as $1 and HD under $1, with Premium Tube rights.... be sure to grab one fast before it gets removed.

Current Packages Expiring 4/28

All current packages will be expiring 4/28. If you have started a package, complete it today, or it will automatically be removed from your cart.

Answers to Customer Emails

We get a lot of emails every day from existing customers and potential customers, so we are going to post the most commonly asked questions we get with their answers.

Q: How are you able to sell content for under $1? It doesnt seem legitimate and your competitors often say its a scam.

A: The answer is simple, we own the content we sell, so we can sell it at any price we want. We don't owe studios commissions or revshare, we buy the content outright and can therefore set our own pricing. As far as seling content for under $1 a scene. We believe in BULK selling. We would rather sell a lot of content to a lot of webmasters at a cheap price instead of selling one or two scenes at higher prices.

Q: I got a takedown notice from a tube site I submitted to, what do I do now?

A: Send us a copy of the email, and we will reply to the tube directly explaining you have a legitimate license from us for the content. We speak with and email with tube sites daily. Once they get a confirmation from us, you will be allowed to report the content without hassle.


Q: How long is the standard license? Do I have to pay to renew?

A: Our standard license is LIFETIME, so you will never haver to renew


Q: Your content has very unique naming, like HDVC100 etc. Is there a way for me to get something to decode all the set id names.

A: We can do even better, we have proprietary software that automatically renames ALL the content (2257, photosets, videos) in multiple combinations. You can rename by performer name, studio name, DVD title or a combination of say studio name+performer name or studio name+dvd title 

Example: HDVC2116.mp4 can be renamed as
1) Riley Reid (HDVC2116) or
2) [Combat Zone] Riley Reid (HDVC2116) or
3) Relax He's My Stepdad 7-Scene 1 (HDVC2116) or
4) [Combat Zone] Relax He's My Stepdad 7 Scene 1 (HDVC2116)

and the same would apply for HCP, 2257 and SCP as above. It works for ESVERY set in our entire library. If you would like this renaming tool, just drop an email to support/at/afsc.tv 

System Upgrade #2

Dear Visitors, Customers!

Today we performed a system upgrade in one of our storage servers.
Now all of our storage servers are running from recent FreeBSD-13 operating system.
Since FreeBSD now supports KTLS we enabled some features which enable us to boost performance across our servers.
Also comes with recent security updates to ensure all of our customers are browsing safe

System Upgrade

Dear Customers, Visitors!

We have upgraded our storage server after a report of security audit from FreeBSD team.
None of our services were vulnerable but we keep all services up-to-date with manual updates.

In this period the FTP system was interrupted about 3 times for 5-12 minutes.
More upgrades with little interruptions on its way, please be patient.

Our systems are managed by professional IT Team, since the number of attacks increased "globally"
these security patches will come more often to ensure safest operational.


New Order Verification Process

We have instituted a new ordering process. When you place an order, via Credit card or Bank Wire or Bitcoin, you will be sent an Invoice to the email you have registered on your AFSC account. From that invoice you can pay directly by credit card, bank wire or bitcoin. 

The reason we have done this is to make sure the person placing the order has a legitimate email account registered as a basic order verification.

Everything remains the same. You place an orer, check your email, pay for the order, and then your order is marked as paid instantly and you can start downmloading by FTP. 

New Content + New Packages + Discount

More new content added this week. We have added 25 Filly Films DVD titles in 4K format. Flawless 4K Ultra HD content, amazing quality.

Added this week:


The two new packages added this week are as follows:




Discount code for photos, videos, DVD's.... 65% OFF.... at checkout use 32521
(minimum order of $100 to use coupon)

2 New Packages Added

1) 400 4K Scenes With Lifetime Premium Web, Mobile and Tube Rights - $600

2) 400 HD Scenes With Lifetime Premium Web, Mobile and Tube Rights - $500

See packages page for list of included studios. Package valid until 3/31/2021

Current Packages Expiring

All current packages are set to expire Wednesday morning 2021-03-24. If you have an unfinished package in yopur cart on Wednesday it will automatically be deleted.


Be sure to complete your package and checkout before they're deleted.   

New 4K, HD, Photosets & Packaged Added

We've added a lot of new content so far this week. Contact me for special deals, discounts or custom packages.

4K Videos - Added Over 100 4K Scenes This Week
HD Videos - Added Over 20 HD Scenes This Week
SD Videos - Added Over 50 SD Scenes This Week
Hardcore Photosets - Added Over 50 Sets This Week
Glamour Photosets - Added Over 200 Sets This Week
Packages - Added 6 Packages This Week
Pornstars/Models - Added/Updated Over 50 Performers This Week

New PACKAGES added this week. All packages include matching photosets, web and mobile rights, premium tube rights, lifetime license.

1) 50 HD Scenes - $159

2) 50 4K Scenes - $249

3) 200 HD Scenes - $349

4) 500 HD Scenes - $500

5) 100 4K Scenes - $449

6) 250 4K Scenes - $599

New Content Added 2021-03-15

Added today 


85 4K videos

5 HD videos 

40 SD videos 

10 DVDs

100 glamour photosets 

25 hardcore photosets 

45 model updates 

Current Packages Expire March 12

All current packages will expire on March 12 and be deleted automaticvally from your carts or saved carts.

Massive Monday Update At AFSC 4.0 - 2021-03-08

Our biggest Monday update yet.
  • 50 new 4K scenes added
  • 5 new HD scenes added
  • 25 new SD scenes added
  • 100 new glamour photosets added
  • 10 new DVD's added
  • 2 new packages added50 performers added/updated to our model database
The two new packages are mega packs at very low cost.

3000 HD with Premium Tube Rights $2500 (3000 HD scenes, matching photos, lifetime web, mobile and premium tube rights)

1500 4K Scenes with Lifetime Premium Tube Rights $1250 (1500 4K scenes, matching photos, lifetime web, mobile and premium tube rights)

- All videos (SD, HD, 4K) come with matching photosets included.
- Payment by Credit Card, Bitcoin, Etherium, Cosmopay or Bank Wire
- FTP instant download after payment
- Content remains on FTP for 6 months
- Invoice and License immediately added to Order History on the site
- Meta data sheet added to each order, with details set information

We will be adding more content EVERY DAY this week. So keep checking back to the site.

For a custom package of HD, 4K, Photosets or DVD's, contact me and I'll put together the best possible package for you. Just contact me on Skype, Telegram or by email.
ALL Content Available for INSTANT DOWNLOAD!!
ICQ: 583968101
EMAIL: sales /at/ afsc.tv

Cool Trick On AFSC 4.0

Here's a nice trick for AFSC users who need privacy. Lets say you're at your office browsing for content and all of a sudden the office door opens and its the FedEx delivery person. If you don't want him top see whats on your AFSC screen, hit F4 on your keyboard and watch what happens. Instant privacy.

New Packages Added. Starting At $99

4 New Packages Added. 20 and 50 scene HD & 4K packages. With matching photosets, web and mobile rights, premium tube rights, lifetime license. Go to the packages page and start building. These packages are good through next Tuesday March 2.

Current Packages Expire February 20

All current packages will be expiring February 21. If you have one in your cart unfinished, it will be deleted automatically. Please finish your packages and checkout before they expire and are deleted.

Developers Note, Changes Made on the site

We hear you, thank you for all the feedback, we are continously working on fixing and updating views, glitches, increase security.

Here is a list of changes we have made recently due to your feedback:

If you find any glitches in the site, please contact us by email (support@afsc.tv) or Skype: AFSCINC or Telegram: @AdultFilmStarContent

New Content Added - February 8, 2021

We have added new HD scenes with matching photosets, new glamour sets and new DVD's today. We will be adding 10 HD sets per day, 10 glamour sets per day and at least 2 DVD's per day.

Last weeks PACKAGES have been removed. If you had one in your cart, you will notice it is now gone. New PACKAGES will be added tomorrow.


When using AFSC 4.0 for the first time, go to the GUEST LOGIN buttton on the top right of the page.

Enter your AFSC site credentials, you will then be taken to your account settings, please confirm all your info and then save the settings.

Using the drop down menu under your name, you will see MY ORDERS, SAVED CARTS, SETTINGS and a new page called FAVORITES. Every photo, video or DVD can be tagged as a favorite and stored. Then when you are ready to license the content go back to the FAVORITES page and add the content to a cart.

Great new feature is when you checkout and pay, not only will you find your FTP details under MY ORDERS, but you will also have a button to download your INVOICE and LICENSE.

AFSC 4.0 Developer's Note - January 30, 2021

AFSC 4.0 is now live, with an all new front end. Plus new advbanced search, filter, sort, layout and user controller functions.


Based on our users experiences and response we have finally made a new/modern infrastructure. It took a long time to complete, but we now feature 100+ TB of content with metadata and continous downloads serving content up to 10Gbps. 40,000 scenes in HD, 4K and SD, over 10,000 DVD's, 50,000 hardcore and glamour photosets plus over 5,000 models in our massive and detailed Performers Database.


The new site will keep track of all content already licensed to protect our customers from owning duplicated content.


We used the most modern technologies for serving content, the new site uses a low-level cache mechanism. The site is also optimized for mobile devices.


As always we will offer the best prices on high end premium studio content. Package deals with content as low as $1 per scene, and discount codes to get as much as 75% off individual sets. 


Our new filter, Search and sort system operates at amazingly high speeds. You can add content to your "Favorites" section for later. You can save as many carts as you'd like to complete at a later time. Your ORDERS page will not only include FTP download info, but will also include your Invoice and License instantly.


Enjoy your journey at www.adultfilmstarcontent.com, the #1 source for high end premium pornstar and studio content at the lowest prices, for member sites, tube sites and mobile.

AFSC 4.0 Just Weeks Away - January 11, 2021

We will be releasing AFSC 4.0 in a few weeks. New design, new layout, better search and filter functions. Get Ready!!!!

Crypto Payment Special - January 1, 2021

If you pay for your order with Bitcoin or Etherium, you get double your order. If you order 50 scenes, and pay with Crypto, you get 100 scenes.

If you order a package of 500 scenes, but pay with Crypto, you automatically get 1000 scenes instead.

If you plan on paying with Crypto, contact us before checking out so we can double your deal.

Lethal Hardcore Scenes & DVD's Added - September 1, 2020

We are happy to announce we have added 225 HD DVD titles from Lethal Hardcore, over 1200 HD scenes and matching photosets. License as full DVD's or as scenes. All DVD titles and scenes come with matching photosets. High quality, premium content with top pornstars.


We are proud to announce a new leasing program. You can now lease our entire catalogue, from 50 videos to 50,000, and pay a monthly leasing fee. Content can be used on your member site, tube site, promotions, etc. All you do is pay your monthly lease based on how many scenes you lease. Contact us for more details.

4K Video & DVD Added

AFSC has over 2000 4K scenes available. We will be adding 100 or more each week. Check the 4K videos page for all updates, and contact us by Skype or email for bulk deals.

Beware 3rd Party Sales

Just a friendly reminder to all customers.

AFSC has a lot of people that bring customers to us, but many times in doing so they try and cut their own deals and pocket the money. So as a reminder, AFSC does NOT accept PayPal for payment. If someone tells you that you can pay for an order by sending funds to their personal PayPal account, you are being scammed.

We only accept payment direct on the website. The ONLY way you can have a legitimate order on AFSC is by ordering direct from the website, checking out and paying on the website. Even if its a custom deal, we will create you a custom package so you can add to your account, checkout and pay.

Finally, you will only get a License from an @afsc.tv email address, Invoice as well. If you get an email from another address, you do not have a legitimate deal for content and will be subject to DMCA. If you get approached by someone claiming to rep AFSC, but does not have an @afsc.tv email address, before potentially losing your money contact sales@afsc.tv by email or AFSCINC on Skype.

Remember, if someone sells you a car, without a title and no plates, and the car is found to be stolen, you don't get to keep the car. You lose the car AND your money. Please everyone, BUY DIRECT from the site only.

AFSC Now Accept Crypto Payments

AFSC accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Etherium and Vice Token for all content orders.


AFSC is in the process of changing ownership. If you have any last minute orders please contact sales@afsc.tv or on SKYPE at AFSCINC to get your deals in. If you have carts with content added, be sure to checkout ASAP. Once the changeover is complete, your orders will no longer be accepted.

Follow Us On Twitter

Follow us on twitter @AdultFilmStarCo for all the latest updates

AFSC Now Licensing BLUEBIRD Films

Bluebird Films is a global producer of premium adult content. The company is backed by London playboy and financier, Paul Chaplin, and has studios in England and the United States. Bluebird Films has one of the largest wardrobes in adult, six sound stages, set design by academy award winning talent and a state of the art post-production facility. To date the company has invested $14 million to develop a catalogue of over 600 films with marquee talent from around the world. AVN award-winner producer, Nicholas Steele, guides year-round production on both continents and oversees with an aggressive production schedule that spans cinema gonzo to high-end features.

New 4K Scenes Added

250 new 4K scenes added, look in the HD section and select 4K in the categories

New High End HD Content from Spain

Check out the new high end HD content from Spain, look in the HD video section fir 500+ new scenes

New Anime Content

Check out our new ANIME content in the SD VIDEOS section. We have acquired over 1500 scenes. Bulk packages available for this high ticket content


One of the greatest lines ever in adult, Platinum X Pictures, is back!!!! With all new HD titles being released every month. Be sure to check them out.


AFSC is happy to announce we now have ADULT CARTOON CONTENT available... photos and video


from XBIZ and AVN..................... Adult Film Star Content today announced an agreement to purchase all the assets of Woodman Entertainment. The deal encompasses exclusive rights to the entire Woodman Entertainment library, including acclaimed films "Ass Invaders", "Tropical Secret","Sex Carnage" and "The Perfectionist." "We are very excited to have acquired the exclusive rights to one of the most celebrated media libraries in the adult industry. Pierre Woodman is a legend and his content library boasts some of the most awarded titles in the business," said Anthony Simone, president and general manger of Adult Film Star Content. "Even more exciting is the loads of never-before-seen unreleased content shot by Woodman and other celebrated directors.

Woodman produced what is still one of the most expensive pornographic movies ever made, Xcalibur, with a production cost of more than 850,000 Euros. First released in 2007, it was a colossal, three-part, costume epic that co-opted 75 actors and 250 extras. The entirety of the Woodman Entertainment library will be available exclusively through AdultFilmStarContent.com, with immediate downloads for webmasters wishing to license titles from the newly acquiredt library. Adult Film Star Content says that because its company owns 85 percent of their catalog, it can make unique deals" that other content brokers often can't offer. Woodman Entertainment's helmsman European director Pierre Woodman has released 28 movies through his production company. Prior to founding his own company, he worked with industry giants Hustler and Private, and is known for his collaborations with notable directors like Phillipe Soine and David Perry. Adult Film Star Content gives site owners the ability to license adult DVDs, HD and SD videos and high-end photosets from studios that include Platinum X, Venom, Multimedia, Anarchy, Combat Zone, Sudden Impact, Black Market, AMA and Pink Kitty.


We're happy to announce that we have added 125 DVSX titles. Including 25 HD titles.


Added 713 DVD titles from MULTIMEDIA PICTURES, with such lines as Notorious, Dane, Mach2 and Desperate Video. Great bulk pricing available.


BBW or TEENS your niche? We've just added 50 new HD scenes with matching photos.

400 FOR $400

400 SD Videos for $400!!! An amazing package available for a limited time. Matching photosets included for FREE.

225 HD for $799 (JUST REDUCED)

Pick any 225 HD Scenes and Pay Only $799. This package will be available for a limited time.


Over 250 Platinum X Pictures added. One of the premier gonzo lines of the industry, Plstinum X has top pornstars and top directors. Sold by DVD or by Scene, photos included. Straight, Bi, Gay and She Male titles added. NEW RELEASES being added as well.

VENOM Titles Added

Happy to announce we have added gonzo line VENOM today. Over 150 titles, top A list pornstars with over 50 titles in HD. Contact us for bulk specials.


***7 Packages EXPIRING TODAY, Premium Scenes as Low as 80 Cents!!!*** ________________________________________ 6 Great New Video Packages.... including 2 Low Price HD packages + 1 DVD Package Load your carts and get these packages before they expire at midnight, there's no minimum to the amount of packages you can buy.


Added HOME MADE VIDEO DVD line, with great homemade scenes and self shot scenes. Great niches like Couples, Interracial, Masturbation. Many in HD, check them out.


MONDAY AUGUST 6, the 300 sets for $300 makes it return!! Get 100 SD videos, 100 Matching Hardcore Photosets and 100 Glamour Photosets and pay only $1 per set - $300 total. With nearly 8,000 videos to choose from, you could easily MULTIPLE packages to buy before this special disappears again. We also have the HD version of this package available, 300 for $750, thats 100HD videos, with 100 matching hardcore photosets and 100 glamour sets. Limited time, these packages will disappear soon.


New Search Feature Added - Would Love Feedback We've added a new advanced search feature!! Now on each content type page (Video, Photo, DVD, Models), you're able to instantly sort the displayed content by your own criteria, with the ability to select multiple criteria and get as specific as you want. By clicking on a search category header, you can expand the field to show more options! - CONTENT CATEGORIES - MODEL CATEGORIES - MODELS - PRODUCERS - DIRECTORS We would love your feedback on this new feature and any other enhancements you can think of to make the site and the shopping experience better. We have also separated the GAY/SHE-MALE content from the STRAIGHT content. Please give us any feedback, as to the new search function and any other things you'd like to see on the new AFSC


New policy..... When purchasing any HD Video, SD Video or DVD.... you will now receive any matching photoset (if available) free of charge. When ordering DVD's you will now get the videos plus the photosets at no extra charge. When you order HD videos, if the video has a matching photoset you will be able to download the photoset with the video for free.


We've lowered price across the board on all content. Check our each section to see the new low pricing.


We've added some great new HD titles from SUDDEN IMPACT, all for Immediate Download. Top pornstars, HD, great for tube, VOD and members areas.


4 Great Packages Added for a limited time... only licensing 10 of each package. 1) 100 HD Scenes with Matching Photosets - $1099 2) 100 SD Scenes with Matching Photosets - $399 3) 200 HD Scenes with Matching Photosets - $1999 4) 200 SD Scenes with Matching Photosets - $749 The selection is amazing, this isn't watered down content, you get to choose from an amazing, huge selection of premium, high end content!! Package Instructions: 1) Add Package to Cart 2) Select "Start Building Package" 3) Pick the videos you want, add them to cart, you will see a scene count so you know how many more you need to add. 4) Matching Photosets will automatically be added to your download 5) Once done, checkout. After payment is submitted by Paxum or Credit Card you can start downloading instantly


3 New Tube Packages Added for a Limited Time Only 1) 1,000 SD scenes plus 1,000 glamour photosets and 1,000 hardcore photosets. Add the package to your cart, and then you choose the content. With this package you get FULL tube rights and pay only $5000. 7011 SD scenes to choose from. 2) 500 HD scenes plus 500 glamour photosets and 500 hardcore photosets. Add the package to your cart, and then you choose the content. With this package you get FULL tube rights and pay only $5000. 2026 HD scenes to choose from. 3) 50 DVD'S plus matching photosets. Add the package to your cart, and then you choose the content. With this package you get FULL tube rights and pay only $5000. 2348 DVD's to choose from.


Today we've performed our largest ever update of HD content on AFSC We've added 182 HD scenes today!!!!! Thats 2,092 total. We've also loaded up on DOWNLOADABLE DVD's.... now featuring 2,377 titles for instant download. This includes 469 full HD DVD's available immediately for instant download. 7,032 SD videos online for instant download. 4,942 hardcore photosets online for instant download. 4,893 glamour photosets online for instant download. 2,134 models online. Don't miss out on our great TUBE packages, see our amazing TUBE PACKAGES


Our famous 300 for $300 package sale ends Sunday. Grab some while you still can.


Added an amazing Black and Interracial line... CANDY SHOP!! Check out there amazing offering in the DVD section. Over 50 titles added thus far, all available for INSTANT DOWNLOAD.


Added a great new line of HD DVD's, GrindHouse Video... some amazing HD scenes per title with lots of fresh faces and high end gonzo scenes!!! Check them out in the DVD section, they're available for INSTANT DOWNLOAD.


Amazing new high end model content added today. Hanna Hilton, Jamie Hammer, Tyra Banx, Celeste Star, Carli Banks, Amy Ried, Lexi Tyler, Erin Nicole and many more. All available for instant download.


200 Amateur Solo Photosets + 100 Amateur Hardcore Photosets + 250 Amateur Videos. Thats a total of 550 sets FOR ONLY $999 - INSTANTLY DOWNLOADABLE


One of the best European barely legal lines of all time. We're happy to add the LEGAL PINK line of DVD's. Check them out in our DVD section. We have the line EXCLUSIVELY, this is the only place you can get them!!!!


We're happy to announce that LORYN is now the full time manager of AFSC. Loryn can be reached at loryn@adultfilmstarcontent.com for all sales and customer service inquiries.


Added Pandemonium today.... a great Gonzo line with top name performers.


We now accept payment by Visa, MasterCard and American Express!!!! For any size transaction.


Happy to announce we have added the entire catalog of Gonzo producer JOHN STRONG. Check out his selection in the DVD area.


Very happy to announce we have added the entire catalogue of famed performer and director STEFANO. 92 titles added in the DVD section.


On orders of $1,000 and up, we will allow you to make payments. Be sure to ask your sales person, Rob or Burke for details.


We now carry Sin City and Mayhem.... with over 1,000 titles total. Plus a lot in HD. Contact us for deals on DVD rights or scenes.


Today we're happy to announce the addition of over 500 Homegrown Video titles to AFSC. One of the original and greatest amateur lines of all time, email for great pricing.

23,000+ TITLES

We now carry over 23,000 DVD titles for licensing from the adult industry's top studios. We have many titles available for Broadcast and foreign rights. Contact us for detailed lists separated by title and studio.


We've been busy at AFSC, we've added several top end studios to our roster. We now offer Platinum X Pictures, Sin City, Mayhem, Skye Blue, Temptation, Rapture, Wildlife, Heatwave and many more. We will be licensing thee studios by DVD or by scene.


Be sure to check out the DVD section, today we've added over 100 new titles from some of the top studios in the business.


We've added more than 50 new HD videos today, be sure to check out the section.


You can now pay for your orders using PAXUM. Choose PAXUM as your payment method at checkout.


AFSC is happy to announce that we are now licensing content from Gonzo powerhouse COMBAT ZONE. We carry their entire line of DVD's, scenes, High Def and photosets. Email us for details.


We've been getting a lot of email asking us for our "Schedule of Updates"... so to simplify, here it is. WEEKLY UPDATE SCHEDULE Monday - 85 Sets Added Wednesday - 34 Sets Added Friday - 34 Sets Added

New HD DVD's for License

Amazing DVD's from Loaded Digital, Toxxxic, Video team and more!! Files delivered in FULL 1081i QT format. In case you're not someone who's interested in licensing full DVD's, you can license individual scenes from these DVDs at a lower price.


We've added a slew of new HD videos... with stars like Porn Legend GINGER LYNN and one of todays biggest starts LELA STAR. Only A+++ Stars, in full 1080i HD.

AFSC 2.0 Launches

We're happy to bring you the launch of AdultFilmStarContent.com Ver. 2.0. We've taken feedback from all of you, and this is the result. We feel this is the most in-depth content licensing site available today! We hope you agree.

DVD Licensing

AFSC 2.0 now features DVD's for licensing. Go to the DVD section and you'll be able to see all the DVD's available, as well as the rights available.

Welcome to Adult Film Star Content

We provide high quality content available for license featuring top named porstars and European models at incredibly low pricing.