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Q: Once I order, how fast will my content be delivered?
A: All the content you see on our site is available for download by FTP. Once you order and pay, under your name in drop down menu select MY ORDERS and you will see the FTP info to use with your favorite FTP program, we recommend FileZilla.


Q: I ordered some content, but there is no 2257, what do I do?
A: You should contact us ASAP. A few things, 1st if your account is listed as a 'FAN' account, you will not receive any 2257. If you are a webmaster, and not a fan, send us the sites you own or promote and we will check and then change your account. 2nd, if yoiu ordered content that is very old, sometimes the 2257 gets corrupted and needs to be re-uploaded. So just e,ail us your Order ID and we will assign someone to re-upload the 2257 docs and they will be available in your FTP. Just note we get a lot of requests, so it may take a few days to have the info re-uploaded.


Q: How can I match up my videos to the 2257 and photosets?
A: Excellent question. We have recently released the AFSC Renamer tool. If you go to your account, under the "TOOLS & UTILITIES" section you will find the tool. This tool will take the sets contained within a folder (videos, photosets, 2257) and rename the content based on the "First Artist" in the content. This will perfectly match up all the content for you, and it will go as far back as your very first orders from AFSC back to 2010. As long as the content is still in its original filename format.

Q: Can I add this content to premium tube sites like Pornhub and Xvideos Red? 
A:  Yes, we can allow that, it would be a different license, just ask us and we will accomodate. Keep in mind that many tubes contact studios direct and buy the rights direct and they create their own internal channel using the content and some tubes demand you are the exclusive owner of the content, and our license to you is non-exclusive.

Q: What is difference between Standard Tube Rights and Premium Tube Rights?
Standard tube rights allows you to use the content in the free sections of tubes, as 10 minute clips maximum. Can not use the content as full clips and you can not use the content in premium tube sections. Content can be used on OnlyFans. Premium tube rights allows content to be used as full clips in both free sections of tube as well as premium sections.


Q: I added a package to my cart last week, I logged in today and now its gone?
A: Our packages will typically be available for 1 week, once a package is removed from the site it will also be removed from your cart. We typically announce that packages are about to expire in our "NEWS" section. We always stress to people to complete your package and checkout, but if the package is large you can contact us on Skype or email and make arrangements to extend the package even after its been removed. If we dont hear from you, we cant help you.

Q: I see Credit Card and Bank Wire as the only payment options, will you accept Bitcoin?
A: We are integrating Crypto payment. For now, pay by Credit Card or Bank Wire. If you select Bank Wire we will contact you and send you wire details or other payment options. If you would like to pay by Crypto, contact us and we will arrange it so you can pay by crypto.

Q: When will I get my license and Invoice?
A: In our new system, when you go to your account and "MY ORDERS", for each order you will find the license and invoice already attached and downloadable as PDF instantly, you will also find your FTP info for downloading your order. Once you download your Invoice & License, fill out and sign the license and email it back to us.

Q: Do you provide Meta Data for the content I order?
A: Yes, with each order you will find a CSV file included in the FTP download are that will include all meta data for every scene.

Q: How can I make sure I dont order duplicate content?
A: Our system won't allow it. Once you order a video, photoset or a DVD, it will forever remain shaded on the site, this way as you go through content in the future any content you have already ordered will be shaded this way you not you already licensed it. ALSO, we have added a new feature, just select HIDE ORDERED and any content you have ordered in the past will be hidden and make sorting so much easier.

Q: My account was recently closed, why?
A: Very rarely do we close accounts, however it is our choice whether or not to do business with people. In 11 years of operation we have only closed 7 accounts. In most cases we close accounts when we feel people are not actual customers. We have had people send us requests for custom packages, we add the packages directly to their account, then weeks later despite requesting the custom package they do nothing with it and the package is removed. Same customer will then add a new existing package to a cart, build it, checkout their cart, but then never pay their invoice. When these issues occur from the same "customer", we deem the person not to be a legitimate customer and we close the account. We will not close an account after just one instance, we only close the account after multiple incidents have occured on multiple occasions.

Q: What happenes to my old orders from the previous site?
A: All your orders are still there, go to "MY ORDERS" after you login, you will see them all. A great new feature is, all the content you ordered previously through the years will now have shaded cover images and be unavbailable to purchase again. Note that "Invoice and License" download link will only appear on new orders here at the new site, not for previous orders.


Q: How long will I be able to download my content orders?
A: You will have 6 months to download your orders, after that the FTP info will no longer be available. Once you download, it's your responsibility to make a backup copy. After 6 months, the content will no longer be available for download.

Q: How often do you add new packages?
A: We try to add a few new packages every week based on input we get from customers, so if you have any ideas please email and tell us.

Q: I like your packages, but what if I want to have a different package?
A: We can customize any type of package for you. If you look in our packages section and don't see a package that fits your needs, contact sales@afsc.tv for a custom package quote.


Q: Your weekly discounts and packages are awesome, how are you able to sell for so low?
A: We own the resale rights on 100% of what we sell, so we have the flexibility to sell that content at any price we want without restriction. When we offer discounts and packages we limit the packages to content we own the resale rights on.


Q: What is your return/exchange policy.
A: Once you receive your content, there is no refund. The only instance where we would grant a refund is if you received the incorrect content. If your content is not delivered, then clearly you are entitled to a full refund. In cases where you receive content and are simply not happy with the content you selected because it’s is not as described, we will only permit an exchange, no refund. If you are found to have requested a refund or exchange on content and then continue to use it, you will be subject to civil litigation at up to $1,000 per instance/set.


Q: What format are your videos?
A: Typically all videos are MP4, however you may find some MPEG as well. For people who need raw HD scenes, we can make them available in MOV format.


Q: How old is your content?
A: Generally our content ranges from 2002 to present day. We shoot content new every month to continue adding to our library. We have over 10,000 HD scenes in our HD video section, 2,000 4K and climbing and now over 40,000 standard def videos.


Q: When I order a video do I have to pay separately for matching photos??
A: When you order videos (HD, SD, 4K, VR) you get matching photosets FREE, you dont need to add them to your cart, they are added automatically. If a video doesnt have a matching set, then no photoset


Q: You have a great DVD section, do the DVD's come with photos?
A: We have over 6,500 DVD’s for instant download, over 4000 in HD & 4K, when you order DVD’s you get matching photosets to all titles that have them.


Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: You can pay via credit card, crypto (Bitcoin, Etherium), Cosmo Pay or bank wire.


Q: How long can we use the content?
A: Our new standard license gives you lifetime Web, Mobile and standard Tube rights


Q: Are there other rights available? What if I wanted DVD rights or even resale rights?
A: We have content available with resale rights, and thounsads of scenes available with DVD rights.



Welcome to Adult Film Star Content

We provide high quality content available for license featuring top named porstars and European models at incredibly low pricing.