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Beware 3rd Party Sales
Just a friendly reminder to all customers.

AFSC has a lot of people that bring customers to us, but many times in doing so they try and cut their own deals and pocket the money. So as a reminder, AFSC does NOT accept PayPal for payment. If someone tells you that you can pay for an order by sending funds to their personal PayPal account, you are being scammed.

We only accept payment direct on the website. The ONLY way you can have a legitimate order on AFSC is by ordering direct from the website, checking out and paying on the website. Even if its a custom deal, we will create you a custom package so you can add to your account, checkout and pay.

Finally, you will only get a License from an @afsc.tv email address, Invoice as well. If you get an email from another address, you do not have a legitimate deal for content and will be subject to DMCA. If you get approached by someone claiming to rep AFSC, but does not have an @afsc.tv email address, before potentially losing your money contact sales@afsc.tv by email or AFSCINC on Skype.

Remember, if someone sells you a car, without a title and no plates, and the car is found to be stolen, you don't get to keep the car. You lose the car AND your money. Please everyone, BUY DIRECT from the site only.

AFSC Now Accept Crypto Payments
AFSC accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Etherium and Vice Token for all content orders.

AFSC is in the process of changing ownership. If you have any last minute orders please contact sales@afsc.tv or on SKYPE at AFSCINC to get your deals in. If you have carts with content added, be sure to checkout ASAP. Once the changeover is complete, your orders will no longer be accepted.

Follow Us On Twitter
Follow us on twitter @AdultFilmStarCo for all the latest updates

AFSC is proud to announce the addition of HOLOGIRLS VR to our library. Over 130 high end VR scenes. All 4K, Available in multipe formats like iPhone, Android, etc. HoloFilm’s camera system offers a realistic first-person VR experience, with each individual scene shot in 220 degrees in 3D with binaural sound and its patented NoSick anti-motion sickness technology.

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