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Q: Once I order, how fast will my content be delivered?
A: All the content you see on our site is available for downbload by FTP. Oonce you order and pay, you login to your account, go to your order history and you will see FTP login info to use with your favorite FTP program.

Q: How long will I be able to download my content orders?
A: You will have 6 months to download your orders, after that the FTP info will no longer be available. Once you download, it's your responsibility to make a backup copy. After 6 months, the content will no longer be available for download.

Q: How often do you guys add new packages?
A: We try to add a few new packages every month based on input we get from customers, so if you have any ideas please email and tell us.

Q: I like your packages, but what if I want to have a different package?
A: We can customize any type of package for you. If you look in our packages section and don't see a package that fits your needs, contact sales@afsc.tv for a custom package quote.

Q: Your weekly discounts and packages are awesome, how are you able to sell for so low?
A: We own the resale rights on more then 90% of what we sell, so we have the flexibility to sell that content at any price we want without restriction. When we offer discounts and packages we limit the packages to content we own the resale rights on.

Q: What is your return/exchange policy.
A: Once you receive your content, there is no refund. The only instance where we would grant a refund is if you received the incorrect content. If your content is not delivered, then clearly you are entitled to a full refund. In cases where you receive content and are simply not happy with the content you selected, we will only permit an exchange, no refund. If you are found t have requested a refund or exchange on content and then continue to use it, you will be subject to civil litigation at up to $1,000 per instance/set.

Q: What format are your videos?
A: Typically all videos are MP4, however you may find some MPEG as well. For people who need raw HD scenes, we can make them available in MOV format.

Q: How old is your content?
A: Generally our content ranges from 2002 to present day. We shoot content new every month to continue adding to our library. We have over 7,000 HD scenes in our HD video section and now over 40,000 standard def videos.

Q: When I order a video do I have to pay separately for matchiong photos??
A: When you order videos (HD or SD) you get matching photosets FREE, you dont need to add them to your cart, they are added automatically. If a video doesnt have a matching set, then no photoset

Q: You have a great DVD section, do the DVD's come with photos?
A: We have over 10,000 DVD’s for instant download, over 1000 in true HD, when you order DVD’s you get matching photosets to all titles that have them.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: You can pay via credit card, check, Paxum, PayPal, money order or bank wire.